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RICHARD A ZAVIAR The Business Transformation Guru

RICHARD A ZAVIAR The Business Transformation Guru

The Business Transformation Guru Mr. Richard A Zaviar

Founder of Prima Maju and Oliver Tech Academy born in Kuala Lumpur,  Diploma and Degree in Civil Engineering at College TAFE, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. New Field Transportation and involvement in Jaz Cleaning Service.; Extensive experience in logistics and warehousing, managing 3-10 ton lorries and containers in Petaling Jaya; Present Key role in Prima Maju Transports, leading to the establishment of Prima Maju Sdn Berhad. Present, Founded Oliver Tech Academy TVET in Kulim, focusing on TVET programs as Founder and CEO, contributing to Vocational Education and Workforce Development.  Actively engaged in social activities aimed at fostering entrepreneurship within the Indian community largely as well as overall Malaysian.  His visionary approach involves nurturing the next generation to become successful entrepreneurs. 


Through his initiatives, he provides comprehensive training in crucial aspects of business, including sales and marketing strategies, equipping individuals with the skills necessary for entrepreneurial success. Moreover, his efforts extend to establishing a robust platform for collaboration, partnering with government centers, the Ministry of Development Cooperation, and cooperative organizations. By facilitating these connections and imparting essential business knowledge, he plays a pivotal role in empowering the Indian community to thrive in the entrepreneurial landscape. His company is an HRDCorp and SOCSO service provider across all states, specializing in upskilling and reskilling programs. In addition, They offer bakery courses tailored to single mothers, elderly ladies, and retired women, empowering them with culinary skills and economic independence.  The Young Entrepreneur Abdul Kalam Award 2021; The Best Entrepreneur, Abdul Kalam Award 2022; Me: Business Chamber as President (20023-2025); Managed to produce 1000 concurrent participants in a bakery course, upskill, and reskill at his TVET Oliver Academy. He managed to make 50 new entrepreneurs. 2022; He has fruitful collaborations with KISMEC, Genovasi University, International City Harbor College, and International School, enhancing educational opportunities and knowledge exchange. 2023.  


Speaks, writes English, Malay, Tamil, Hindi; Hobby Football; Badminton; Tennis; Golf; PMM: This decision set the stage for a remarkable transformation, as he reinvested the proceeds into innovative projects in the advanced technology sector, particularly in training. With 10 successful projects and the adoption of new technologies, he pursued further knowledge, delving into cutting-edge areas such as high technology, electric and hybrid systems, and drone technology within Malaysia's high technology park. His unconventional approach, including diversifying into building cleaning and exploring new licensing opportunities, has opened new horizons. His happiness culminated with the establishment of Oliver Tech Academy, a global beacon of success that he aspires to elevate as a premier TVET academy in Malaysia. His company's expanding collaboration with various Malaysian states, like Melaka and Kedah, exemplifies a commitment to progress, demonstrated through open days and the creation of a drone manufacturing lab in Kedah.  His next project include the production of a book titled "Business Corporate Guru" and the establishment of an urban drone airport in Melaka in collaboration with HiiLSE Drone, the partnership with a South Korean and UK company.  

He views challenges as opportunities for personal growth, driven by unwavering faith, and never gives up, embracing life's unpredictability; Deeply committed to environmental responsibility, advocating for the preservation of nature's resources and promoting knowledge-sharing in technology. To the younger generation, he imparts the value of time and their pivotal role in leading the country forward. His success is a blend of resilience, principles, environmental consciousness, and a dedication to nurturing future potential. He principle completing what is started, honesty, mutual assistance, and a belief in helping all human beings without regard for race or religion.; 


Index: Business and Economics

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